Strong Coffee, Strong Women


Strong Coffee, Strong Women is a quarterly event where business professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to build and grow meaningful connections.  Fueled by caffeine and passion, this morning networking event is  focused on achieving something fresh and new for their business and themselves.

May 4, 2018  Strong Coffee, Strong Women 

#Empathy in a Technology Driven World

Our panelists are: Dr. Mary Helen McCay, Dr. Catherine Nicholson and Dr. Jignya Patel

Moderated by Erica Lemp


8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Florida Tech, CAI Building

1050 W. Nasa Blvd, Melbourne, FL  32901-1822



Past Presenters/Topics:

Trizia Eavenson, Avery Piantedosi, and Keri Donald; Disrupting the Status Quo (July 2017)

Dr. Regina Kaufmann, Xerces Simpson, Acacia Woodley, and Natasha Duran - The Moment of Truth (May 2017)

Dr. Amy Ortega - Using What You've Got to Your Advantage (February 2017)

Tina Lange - Growth Strategies through Strategic Communications (Sept 2016)

Carol Cox - Using Public Speaking to Boost Your Business (May 2016)

Emily Tonn - Mastering Self-Talk for Dynamic Leadership (March 2016)

Ryan Mickley - Personal Branding (January 2016)