Strong Coffee, Strong Women

Strong Coffee, Strong Women is a quarterly event where business professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to build and grow meaningful connections.  Fueled by caffeine & passion, this morning networking event is  focused on achieving something fresh and new for their business and themselves.

February 2: Strong Coffee, Strong Women 


The topic is “WE (women entrepreneurs) Mean Business”. ( #WEmeanBusiness) The aim of this discussion is to allow women entrepreneurs to share their lessons learned in successfully growing a business and the importance of being ready to step up and take action to move the business forward. Running a business was serious and we have to be strategic and resourceful to be successful.


8:30 AM - 10:00 AM



Past Presenters/Topics:

Trizia Eavenson, Avery Piantedosi, and Keri Donald; Disrupting the Status Quo (July 2017)

Dr. Regina Kaufmann, Xerces Simpson, Acacia Woodley, and Natasha Duran - The Moment of Truth (May 2017)

Dr. Amy Ortega - Using What You've Got to Your Advantage (February 2017)

Tina Lange - Growth Strategies through Strategic Communications (Sept 2016)

Carol Cox - Using Public Speaking to Boost Your Business (May 2016)

Emily Tonn - Mastering Self-Talk for Dynamic Leadership (March 2016)

Ryan Mickley - Personal Branding (January 2016)

Scott Brazdo - Digital Marketing MythBusters (Sept. 2015)

Lynn Simon -  You only have one chance to make a first impression.(July 21, 2015)

Barbara Weltman -  Who's on you team? (May 2015)

Dr. Katie Nall -  CR8 UR F8 (March 31, 2015)

Kathleen Ranahan - Purposeful Networking Strategies (January 2015)