weVENTURE at Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech

weExploration Program

This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who have considered starting a business but would like more insight into the aspects of entrepreneurship to make the best decisions.

Benefits of weExploration

Offered in the evenings 5:30pm-7:30pm for 13 modules     

Create new connections during the sessions with peers.

Gain insight from guest speakers in areas of expertise for particular modules.

Complete all 13 modules and receive a Graduation Certificate and other special incentives.

Business Coaching is available during and after completion of the program.

Program is flexible, attend all 13 modules or the ones you need the most.

Affordable Pricing of weExploration:

Program Selection    Individual    2nd Participant
Full 13 Courses** $100.00 $90.00
Single Course $12.50 $12.50

*Launch Your Venture 101 Participants get early registration opportunity (1 week before open to public)

**Participant can register for full course selection at the start of the session only.

Program Outline:

Dates      Course
8/27/18      Is Owning a Business a Good Fit for You?
9/3/18      LABOR Day - No Session
9/10/18      Planning for a Healthy Business
9/17/18      Banking Services
9/24/18      WBC CONFERENCE - No Session
10/1/18     Organizational Types
10/8/18      COLUMBUS DAY - No Session
10/15/18      Time Management
10/22/18      Financial Management
10/29/18      Record Keeping
11/5/18      Credit Reporting
11/12/18      VETERANS DAY - No Session
11/19/18      Risk Management
11/26/18      Insurance
12/3/18      Tax Planning and Reporting
12/10/18      Selling Your Business and Succession Planning
12/17/18      Managing Cash Flow and Graduation

Register now for session starting August 27, 2018.  https://weVENTURE.fit.edu or by phone:  321-674-7007