Florida Tech's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Elevating Florida Tech in the Community and in Business

Below are programs and services offered at Florida Institute of Technology to support academic initiatives at Florida Tech and to support business and corporate initiatives in the Community.


Programs and Services for Businesses

Career Management Services provides career and job search services to Florida Tech students and alumni, and acts as a liaison among Florida Tech constituents and employers.

Tel: (321) 674-8102


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) will advance the capabilities of U.S. companies in next-generation manufacturing methods while ensuring students are exposed to technology and ideas that will influence the global manufacturing marketplace for years to come.

Tel: (321) 674-8742


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Development program and launched the Student Business Incubator (SBI) which seeks to capitalize on Florida Tech’s resources to help students start businesses quickly and successfully.

Tel: (321) 674-7327


The mission of The Center for Organizational Effectiveness is to provide human capital measurement and talent management strategies that promote effective organizations.

Tel: (321) 674-8104


Florida Institute of Technology is home to the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business empowering future entrepreneurial leaders to manage innovation and change.

Tel: (321) 674-7327


Florida Tech Consulting is a full-service consulting entity that harnesses the expertise of Florida Institute of Technology’s faculty and staff, facilities and external partners to assist organizations with projects across various industries.

Tel: (321) 674-8945


Global Business Development Partnership with Companies 

Tel: (321) 674-8741


The Institute for Cross Cultural Management works with companies to improve the cross cultural competence of management and employees.

Tel: (321) 674-7105 or (855) 542-6625


The Office of External Relations and Economic Development, fosters partnerships, encourages collaboration and develops programs throughout the public and private sector in support of Florida Tech’s core values and strategic plan. Florida Tech’s mission of civic engagement is supported by ERED serving the diverse economic, cultural and societal needs of local, state, national and international constituencies.

Tel: (321) 674-8742


Skill Space is a learning accelerator to equip today's entrepreneurs and business leaders, and is part of the Continuing Education office.

Tel: (321) 674-8382


University-Corporation Alliance for Success (UCAS) - Creates an environment for your organization to team with Florida Tech to achieve your goals. An easy point-of-entry for corporate partners to access all University resources on a fee0for-service basis or for a tiered membership fee.

Tel: (321) 674-UCAS (8227)


weVENTURE is a network of economic development centers across central and eastern Florida that provides customize business mentoring programs (IGNITE 360®), business education, purposeful networking and professional development opportunities.

Tel: (321) 674-7007