IGNITE 360® Model Overview


Who should attend the training institute?

Organizations looking to implement the IGNITE 360® Model, Program Managers, Business Coaches and Mentors

Dates: May 9-11, 2018

Location: Florida Institue of Technology, 150 W. University Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901

Why the IGNITE 360® Three-Day Training Institute?

IGNITE 360® boosts economic development throughout the community, creates stronger business leaders and sustainable businesses, and engages community leaders, mentors and subject matter experts who desire to support small businesses as they achieve economic sustainability.

Increase your organization’s capacity by being an IGNITE 360® client, or bring the IGNITE 360® model to your own community through the IGNITE 360® Training Institute.


Management and implementation of model, business development, growth planning, strategic planning, and methodological approach to coaching and mentoring, client vetting, model scalability and team formation

Return on Investment:

High impact, generates a new revenue stream, creates stronger business leaders, increases economic impact of community, and capacity builds technical assistance providers


$25,000 (up to 5 registrants)

Cost Includes materials, 3-day Training Institute, and quarterly technical assistance sessions.

Contact us to learn more about the IGNITE 360® Model and the IGNITE 360® Training Institute; weVignite@fit.edu or call 321-674-7007, and ask to speak to Erica Lemp or Kathy Register.

Permission to use copyright materials and methodology rests at the organizational level, not with individuals.  Exclusive territory licenses available.