Lean In Circles

Leaning in is not a solo sport. In a world where women still face bias and other barriers at work, Circles are a safe space to share your struggles, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. Whether you need help navigating your new normal at work or are looking for support from women who understand what you're going through, joining a Circle can provide positive, supportive environment many women feel they are missing.  Whether your Circle is made of friends, co-workers, or women you’ve met in our community, you’ll soon have a tight knit support group to guide you through your career and through life.  

Circles usually meet once a month at any time that works for the group. Meetings can happen in person or virtually.  Lean In provides free meeting guides and resources to prompt group discussion and help you learn new skills together. Every meeting closes by committing to One Action—one thing you’ll do to step outside your comfort zone or learn a new skill before your next meeting.  All Circles are volunteer led, and the program is entirely free.   Lean In created the circles program to help women just like you.  Learn more about the program and other initiatives of Lean In HERE. 

weVENTURE WBC Network Hub 

At the 2022 IMPACT Summit, weVENTURE WBC announced that they would become a network hub to help connect more women from the Space and Treasure Coasts to Circles.   Many weVENTURE WBC clients report feeling isolated or burnt out, and since the start of the pandemic, those emotions have caused far too many women have taken a step back from their careers.  It is our hope that we can leverage our network of empowered, motivated women to grow the Circles program locally, and help more women stay in the game, and even gain the confidence boost they need to move into more leadership roles. 

weVENTURE WBC has pledged to host Lean In Circle Trainings twice a year, the first of which was held September of 2022.  8 new local Circles have already been formed and are accepting women interested in participating. We encourage you to use the links below to see if any of these Circles might be a fit for you, and if so, reach out and connect with the volunteer leader today!  You can also search Lean In directly HERE, and see if there is a virtual group that might be a great fit for you. 

We are so grateful to the women who have stepped up to lead a Circle at this time and look forward to hearing great feedback as these groups form and begin meeting.

A note that Circles are NOT for business development or business networking. These groups are intended to help professional women connect and form supportive relationships, which help us reduce stress and burnout so we can grow in our personal and professional lives.

So if you feel like you could benefit from a tribe of women helping cheer you on, then this program is for you!

weVENTURE WBC will host another leader training in October 2023, or you can always check out the Lean In website directly for their next virtual training. If you form a new Circle, please email weVENTURE@fit.edu and we will be sure to add you to our list.

New Lean In Circles

Hosted by women in the weVENTURE WBC Network

*note that volunteers lead these circles. Please contact them via the below links, and if you don't hear back, then please let us know. 

Want to Learn More?

Learn more about Lean In Circles Program or email weventure@fit.edu if you have questions about starting or joining a local Circle.