Univeristy Resources for Businesses

Elevating Florida Tech in the Community and in Business

Below are programs and services offered at Florida Institute of Technology to support academic initiatives at Florida Tech and to support business and corporate initiatives in the Community.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Development

The Center for Organizational Effectiveness

Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

  • Florida Institute of Technology is home to the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business empowering future entrepreneurial leaders to manage innovation and change.
  • Offering undergraduate, graduate and online programs, when you enroll in a business program at Florida Tech, your educational experience will be broader in scope than the title of your degree program might indicate. 
  • (321) 674-7327

 Florida Tech Continuing Education

  • Florida Institute of Technology Continuing Education provides job skills training, career enhancement and professional enrichment training to the local, state, national and international community in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business and the humanities.
  • Browse our extensive collection of non-degree coursework to enhance your education or certificate trainings in a variety of professional skills that will further your career. 
  • https://careertraining.ed2go.com/fit/business-programs/ 

Institute for Cross Cultural Management

Florida Tech Research Park

  • The Florida Tech Research Park fosters partnerships, encourages collaboration and develops programs throughout the public and private sector in support of Florida Tech’s core values and strategic plan. Florida Tech’s mission of civic engagement is supported by ERED serving the diverse economic, cultural and societal needs of local, state, national and international constituencies.
  • (321) 674-8742

Skill Space

  • Skill Space is a learning accelerator to equip today's entrepreneurs and business leaders, and is part of the Continuing Education office.
  • (321) 674-8382

University-Corporation Alliance for Success (UCAS)

  • University-Corporation Alliance for Success (UCAS) Creates an environment for your organization to team with Florida Tech to achieve your goals. An easy point-of-entry for corporate partners to access all University resources on a fee-for-service basis or for a tiered membership fee.
  • (321) 674-8227