IGNITE 360® Business Mentoring Program - Fueling Business Growth

Ignite 360 Mentoring Program

weVENTURE began a new program called IGNITE 360® Business Mentoring Program. This program helps equip business owners and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources and relationships required to solve critical business problems while advancing to the next level of sustainable growth.

IGNITE 360® TRANSITION was created especially for entrepreneurs and organizations that need strategy before growth or change. Transitions is a three-month mentoring program that provides the resources and accountability required to support business sustainability.

IGNITE 360® ADVANTAGE was created for companies that are committed to growth. Led by an experienced facilitator, the business owner(s) works with an advisory board of mentors and unique subject matter experts to define and pro-actively manage the strategic and functional change that is required for successful, profitable growth. Each session, participants work towards specific objectives that strengthens the organization financially and improves processes that build on developing the capacity of its workforce.

IGNITE 360® PREMIER was created for large companies that are focused on transformation activities that include but are not limited to change management, exit strategies, succession plans and/or expansion. This program takes the business leader through a six-month process that instills clarity of focus and a strategic mindset toward their specific business. This customized and cumulative program seeks to close the gap between where their business is today and where they want it to be in the short term.

weVENTURE engages more than 70 experienced mentors, subject matter experts, facilitators and volunteers who are dedicated to your success.

The IGNITE 360® Mentoring Program is a small business capacity building program that addresses finance management as a core component to addressing the issues associated with expanded business development and access to critical resources.  IGNITE 360® was developed as a proprietary program by Florida Tech committed to the growth of women owned second stage businesses in order to promote a strong, networked community of entrepreneurs to build workforce capability at different management levels, and build capacity from within to create and retain jobs, and expand product and service offerings. IGNITE 360® helps start-up and growth-oriented companies who are having certain success, but who are not yet second-stage companies and need access to mentoring, leadership development, and capital to grow. Thus, we have expanded our proprietary program to address the needs of businesses that are classified into three distinct entrepreneurial levels or phases. Companies are paired with a team of mentors who work with them over 3 or 6 months to achieve outcomes necessary to build a solid foundation for business growth.

weVENTURE’s IGNITE 360® program has graduated 150 businesses in 7 years, averages 20 companies served per-year, and have already enrolled 6 companies to participate in one of the three programs in 2020. Now in its eighth full year of service, IGNITE 360® is mentoring companies across diverse industries. Reported outcomes from the program participants are impressive: 93% of IGNITE 360® graduates created new jobs, 12% have increase in revenues >$1Million, 10% have doubled their revenues more than 50%, 20% have increase revenues up to 50%, and 28% reported significant increases in process improvement and business development which provided a stronger foundation for growth in the coming year.

Participants enrolled in IGNITE 360® are looking to achieve revenue and traction for their businesses based on a client-centered, financial fundamentals, learn about lean business model strategies, understand key business concepts, identify market strategies and sales tactics, and understand basic business finance.  In order to measure results, unique goals are established for each participant and they are required to provide updates and reports on their progress on a semi-annual basis. 

This is a fee-for-service program, ranging from $1,500 to $3,500 depending on the length of services provided.  IGNITE 360® allows small businesses to receive indepth, strategic business advisement at a fraction of the cost of high-priced consulting firms.  

Thanks to additional funding from the C.A.R.E.S Act, weVENTURE WBC is able to fully fund 31 businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic to participate in this program at no cost.  Contact a weVENTURE WBC business coach today to see if you qualify.

Meghan Wolfgram

When Meghan first joined weVENTURE, she was navigating business growing pains, and was the only employee at SwiftPaws. By the end of 2020, SwiftPaws was a team of 6 employees, with a 300% growth rate in gross revenue, all whilst maintaining their mission of 100% assembly and fulfillment done locally in Brevard.

Jenna Williams

Jenna is the CEO of Harmony Senior Living Advisors and a two time IGNITE 360® Graduate. For Jenna, the IGNITE program brought the best of the best mentors to the table to talk about her business and goals. Since starting the programs, she has seen a 118% sales increase, and has served over 1000 families in need of finding safe and appropriate living options.

Christel Leahy-Reaves

Christel joined the IGNITE 360® Program to build her business leadership capabilities. Since joining the program, she has not only grown as a business owner, but also in confidence. The IGNITE mentors were there to define and walk through an effective hiring process, and Connected Class just hired their third employee, and saw a 270% increase in sales.

Patricia Tellechea

Patricia is the CEO and President of GIMEX USA, and has been part of several weVENTURE programs; as a graduate of Athena, IGNITE 360®, and a member of the Strategy in Action Peer Group. A constant throughout all of the programs were the incredible mentors who took the time to not only support her professional goals, but her personal success as well.