weVENTURE WBC is proud to work with small businesses on the Space Coast.  We help women realize their dream of business ownership, gain confidence and identify pathways to self-sufficiency and financial well-being.

weVENTURE WBC is funded in part through a $150,000 annual grant from the US Small Business Administration.  However, we must match that grant dollar for dollar in order to provide any of the services that we offer in this community. You can use the online giving form at the bottom of this page to pay with credit card, or email to request an invoice if you or your company would like to invest in the mission of weVENTURE.  We offer the following opportunities and investor benefits:  

  • $150 Friends and Family Investor provides ongoing support of the weVENTURE mission.  
  • $250 Seed Investor provides support to a local woman in our community who is socio-economically disadvantaged to participate in business education workshops and purposeful networking events.
  • $500 Lead Investor provides ongoing coaching support to a local woman in our community who is striving to grow a business and needs mentoring in business fundamentals.
  • $1,000 League of Extraordinary Investors provides mentoring and leadership development support for several local women entrepreneurs who are creating jobs in our community.  League Members are recognized at all weVENTURE WBC events for their philanthropic support, and may choose to from ticket options to our two largest events, the Women Who Rock Awards and the annual IMPACT Summit.  LEI members are also invited to personally attend or send a member of their staff to all our business education programing.  Finally, LEI members are invited to two exclusive networking opportunities, the IMPACT Summit VIP Reception and year end Success Event.  
  • Equity Partners who invest $2,500 or more per year are transformational partners who allow us to grow program offerings and better serve aspiring entrepreneurs.  These partners ensure weVENTURE remains the premier organization helping grow female-owned businesses. weVENTURE Executive Director will work with you to provide custom benefits package, based on your giving goals. 

We offer individual event sponsorships at the $150, $250 and $500 levels, as an opportunity to promote your business name and logo at that specific weVENTURE WBC event (IMPACT Summit, Women Who Rock Awards, or Success Celebration).   

For businesses sponsoring an event for $1,000 or more, you will be recognized at that specific event, as well as the LEI or Equity Partners level with recognition and benefits that span across all our marketing and events for a calendar year.  

The Wine Women & Shoes Space Coast event is a separate fundraising event which weVENTURE WBC is the non-profit beneficiary of, thus sponsorships and ticket benefits are exclusive to that event.

Contact Executive Director Kathryn Rudloff to discuss investment opportunities and learn more about our programs, services and events. 321-674-7007

Together, we VENTURE to provide connections and support for women in business.