Peer Groups

The Peer Groups offered by weVENTURE help CEOs do what they do best…better.  This program is designed for female executives who are committed to becoming more effective business leaders.   Women who appreciate that accountability leads to measurable growth will benefit from this new program offered by weVENTURE. 

Other Peer Groups, also known as “mastermind groups” or “roundtables,” can cost thousands of dollars and require significant travel.  weVENTURE has partnered with experienced coaches to facilitate  Peer Groups accessible to female executives in Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie Counties for a minimal cost.  Currently, Peer Groups are being subsidized by funding from the CARES Act, as part of our COVID-19 emergency support program.

Why Join a Peer Group? 

A weVENTURE Peer Group is an unique program where cohorts are carefully matched to provide the time and space for female executives to pursue ongoing personal and professional development.  Unlike other peer groups that provide education but no follow through, the Peer Groups offered by weVENTURE include both one group session and one 1:1 coaching sessions.  This provides continuity and accountability necessary to ensure clients achieve bottom-line results. 

Make better decisions and enhance the quality of your performance and your relationships by joining a  Peer Group today.

weVENTURE is committed to providing high-quality education and programming for female entrepreneurs and professional women at every phase of their career.  We are excited to offer these opportunities, targeting female executives and CEOs looking for strategic support and professional development.   Contact Kathy Register at for more information.

Current Offerings:

  • CEO Peer Group - Jeannette Kraar, weVENTURE Business Coach.  Private, innovative networks allow women presidents, owners, and CEOS of non-competitive companies to get connected.  Participate in discussions you won't find anywhere else and can't have anywhere else except with people who understand your unique challenges and potential opportunities.  You will be putting yourself in an environment created to stimulate exciting new ideas, solutions and ways of thinking, all in a safe, confidential space.  If you get excited instead of intimidated by not being the smartest person in the room, this group might be for you. Interested candidates must complete a qualification process and meet pre-requisites required for participation. It’s all about quality versus quantity. Each peer group is limited to not more than eight members. Cost: $1,000
  • Startup Peer Group - Hutch Hutchinson, CEO of Be One, Inc.  The group of Startup and Early Stage Entrepreneurs (6-8 participants) will be created and meet in an Executive Session, once a month for six months. Sessions will focus the members on how to move their business to the next level, give and receive value through accountability, and utilize the best of what others have learned going before or beside them. Each member will be responsible for presenting their business and bringing issues and opportunities for the group to process moving them forward. 1:1 Coaching will be provided to each member between Executive Sessions to develop each entrepreneur's priorities and plans. Accountability to each other and the group will be the hallmark.  Starting in February for six, two-hour Executive Sessions over six months. Zoom will be the venue for all engagements.  Cost: $150


weVENTURE WBC also partners with CEO Nexus to connect second stage growth-oriented businesses with their network of roundtables in and around the Central Florida area.  Some CEO Nexus peer groups are now meeting at Florida Tech, and weVENTURE WBC and CEO Nexus partner on occasional networking receptions, where CEOs from both organizations can network and learn from guest lecturers on timely business topics. 


To learn more about weVENTURE WBC Peer Groups or CEO Nexus, ask your weVENTURE business coach.  You can apply to join CEO Nexus directly via their website: