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Strong Coffee Strong Women events encourage business professionals and entrepreneurs to build and grow meaningful connections. Fueled by caffeine and passion, this morning networking event is focused on achieving something fresh and new for their business and themselves.



How to Become a Certified Woman-Owned Business Series 

                                 PART THREE

          8(a) Business Development Program

                   **HIGHLY REQUESTED** 

Have you developed a plan to make business certification win you business? In a time when differentiating your business or business idea is incredibly important, we want to support you with a few more tools in your toolkit to consider.  

We invite you to join the conversation on what it means to be successful in securing new business with your certification.    

This conversation will focus on developing a plan for success that may provide you with new business opportunities:   

  • Hear from SBA Business Opportunity Specialists & 8(a) Subject Matter Experts 
  • Learn from SBA Authorized Third-Party Certifiers 
  • Develop Understanding of HUB Zones and Supplier Registration Platforms 
  • Uncover the Value of Supplier Diversity in Commercial and Federal Agencies 

What You Get  

  • Direct Connection to SBA Staff and Experts
  • Links to resources 
  • Copy of the presentation  
  • Access to complimentary business consulting services to discuss your next steps
  • Introductions to SBA approved Third Party Certifiers 

Next Steps  

Following the session,  you are invited to connect directly with our presenter.  We strongly encourage you to schedule a one-on-one confidential consulting session.  

$15/per session.  All sessions will be from 8:30am-10:00am via Zoom. Register today!

Part 1 -January 15 Completed
Part 2 - February 12 Completed
Part 3 - March 12

3 part series in January 2021

 This series is made possible by the financial support of three amazing female founders.  Thank you to Carol Craig of Craig Technologies, Wendy Romeu of Alluvionic, and Inga Young of 8Koi.