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Strong Coffee Strong Women events encourage business professionals and entrepreneurs to build and grow meaningful connections. Fueled by caffeine and passion, this morning  networking event is focused on achieving something fresh and new for their business and themselves.



January 12, 2023


Center for Aeronautics and Innovation, 1050 W. NASA Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901

Roughly 50% of businesses fail within the first five years.  Those are the lucky ones!  The majority of the businesses that survive are racking up debt, and their leaders are perpetually stressed.  Most entrepreneurs are living a financial nightmare.  This happens because of one thing:  most do not understand profitability.  Profit must be baked into your business.  Every day, every transaction, every moment.  Profit is not an end-of-year event,  Profit is a habit.

Profit First is  a cash management tool that consistently tells you the truth about the health of your business.  It’s a system that tells you what you can spend and what you MUST  keep in your business.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand why accounting has distorted your view of profit
  • See how human behavior can work against you in your business' profitability
  • Find out that grandpa and grandma had it RIGHT and we do it all WRONG
  • You will do an instant assessment on your business and know the TRUTH!
  • Finally get a number on how much your business should spend
  • Learn a guideline for paying yourself, the owner - no more guessing or starving the business
  • Know how much profit your business SHOULD be making 

You will get the answers to the top five questions Diana gets from business owners!

Bring your latest YTD Profit & Loss Statement so you can do your own assessment.

Diana Miret, our presenter, is the Chief Profit Officer at her financial consulting practice, The Business Profit Consultancy, LLC.   She can tell a business owner’s story just by looking at their numbers and translates the facts into an action plan to grow the business.  She developed these superpowers after years of studies and skilled training.  She is the recipient of a BA in Accounting and Finance and spent several quarters on the Dean’s List at the University of Cincinnati.  She is certified in Project Management, and an MIT certified Process Master. 

Cost: $25