Finding Your Inner Compass

Business Owner: Jessica Nixon


Phone: 1-502-414-3942

Store Address:

County: Brevard


Products/Services: Personal Services (health and beauty, massage, tutor, etc)

Finding Your Inner Compass, LLC, provides life coaching for women in all stages of life looking to simplify, clarify, or re-identify aspects of their life. We offer guidance, coaching, and consulting services to women in various transitions of life; whether just starting out, with families and relationships, in a professional realm, starting over, ready for retirement, or ready for a change! Every stage of life requires a new perspective, and sometimes that can be confusing or scary as to what to do next or what to expect. Having a coach to motivate, encourage, empower, and help validate, refine, or determine steps to accomplish a smooth transition can be an ideal option for these big changes in life. As a life coach, I work exclusively with each client to support them with their individual needs. Our coaching involves addressing and acknowledging the concerns but also stepping away from the emotional blocks in a situation to focus on how to approach and overcome the obstacle at hand. Working with a coach, is just that: work. Life coaching is on a different level than just talking about feelings and experiences. A coach is not only trained to be there and help find the emotional gaps, limiting beliefs, or reasons that have become an obstacle, but more importantly to unveil and discover, with the client, the potential of developing into their strong, true, authentic self!