Neuropsychology Concierge: Dr. Cristi Salinas

Business Owner: Cristi M. Salinas, Psy.D.


Phone: 321-373-1303

Store Address: 322 5th Ave., Suite B, Indialantic, FL 32903

County: Brevard


Products/Services: Professional Services (legal, medical, accounting, etc)

We are honored to serve as America’s first neuropsychology concierge service. Dr. Cristi Salinas is an internationally recognized specialist who founded Neuropsychology Concierge in an effort to help children and adults achieve the best quality of life despite their busy and unpredictable lives. Our holistic approach to brain wellness gets to the root of your thinking/learning, emotional or behavioral health problems as we customize services for you to function better. We diagnose and treat clients at-home, in-person, and remotely via telehealth/teleneuropsychology. We give every person a real-world, actionable treatment plan they can trust to achieve peace of mind, enhance brain-behavior functioning, and live a fulfilling life.