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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the weVENTURE Virtual IMPACT Summit?

IMPACT summit is the annual leadership conference hosted by weVENTURE. As part of our mission to be the leading voice and resource for professional women, weVENTURE hosts this annual summit as a forum for the community to discuss issues important to women, encourage female leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as engage with organizations who strive to achieve leadership diversity and gender equality. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, the 2020 IMPACT Summit will be a virtual event. The pre-recorded video presentation will feature two hours of inspiring stories and expert insights.

We believe growth and understanding comes from conversation, so this event is designed to bring people together. Registered participants will have the opportunity to come together virtually or are encouraged to plan their own small group watch parties to discuss “The Relentless Pursuit” that drives women, entrepreneurs and all humans to persist when faced with a great challenge.

Registration is open to the public, and all are welcome to participate. 

This event is both a training opportunity, as well as an opportunity for the local community to invest in weVENTURE and show support for their mission.  Investment from the local community allows us to provide low/ no-cost business education and training to entrepreneurs in Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie counties. weVENTURE must fundraise to match the $150,000 annual grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy the 2020 Virtual IMPACT Summit, presented by Bisk Ventures.

What are the dates and times of the summit?

The two hour pre-recorded video will be available on a private weblink from 9 a.m. Friday August 28 until noon on Monday August 31. Registered participants may watch the video at any time in that window, however the premier at 9 a.m. Friday will be the first and largest watch party.

In order to provide opportunity for real-time discussion, two Q&A sessions have been planned with speakers from the event, as well as a private discussion room.

  • Opening Session: Friday 1 p.m. - Live Q&A with Sandra Shpilberg
  • Closing Session: Monday 12 p.m. - Live Q&A with Lisa Dinhofer

Registered participants may opt to join a private facebook group, where everyone is welcome to participate in online discussion, share their own insights and network with other IMPACT guests.

weVENTURE also encourages participants to host their own small group watch parties at a time and place convenient for them during the four day summit.

While we wish we could all be together, this annual event regularly has over 200 attendees, which far exceeds current CDC guidelines for safe gatherings. Small group, private watch parties allow participants to gather with friends or colleagues for a shared experience and meaningful discussion, while practicing social distancing.

Participants may also opt to host their own small group as a virtual watch party, utilizing whatever technology they choose, or taking advantage of free video meeting space provided by sponsor 8x8.

If I can't watch the video premier, can I view it later?

Yes!  The video will premier ‘live’ Friday at 9 a.m. If you plan to watch the premier, it will play straight through – no pausing, stopping or rewinding. It will last approximately 2 hours.  

However, once the video has finished the premier, it will be available until Noon on Monday, to watch however you choose.   

  • Take your time: Watch 1-2 talks a day and contemplate the lesson from each before moving on.
  • Watch Party: Make a plan with small group of friends to watch and discuss. Like book club, with video!
  • Corporate Training: have employees watch the videos Friday or Monday morning, then plan a follow up meeting to discuss and apply to your business.
  • Quarantine Queen: Watch from the comfort of your own home, in your most comfy yoga pants. No judgement here!

However you choose to watch, the 2020 IMPACT Summit will be a powerful experience that fosters important discussions and inspires us in this uncertain time.

Do I need to attend everything on the schedule?


Of course not! While we hope you will enjoy the whole Summit and take advantage of opportunities to connect with other attendees, participation in the Q&A webinars, private discussion group or a small group watch party are entirely optional.


What’s the deal with private watch parties?

The 2020 Virtual IMPACT Summit we will talk about our Relentless Pursuit of success and thriving – and if there is one thing we have all learned from this pandemic, it is that we can’t do it alone. Humans were made to live in relation with others, and we hope you will use the 2020 IMPACT Summit to set aside meaningful time to connect with your friends and colleagues.

Small group watch parties are a great solution to a tough problem. Watch parties allow participants to gather with friends or colleagues for a shared experience and meaningful discussion, while practicing social distancing.

Hosting a virtual watch party is a great option too! Utilize whatever video meeting technology you are comfortable with, or take advantage of free video meeting space provided by event sponsor 8x8. https://8x8.vc 

However you choose to meet – in person or virtually – we want you to safely enjoy the IMPACT Summit!

Host a watch parties for $250 and register up to 10 participants – a 50% savings! Registered participants may join in the two live Q&A sessions as well as the private discussion group. weVENTURE will also provide discussion questions and host packet for all registered watch parties.

What’s the deal with the private discussion group?

A private facebook group will be created for discussion of the event, sharing stories and insights, and maybe a few memes. Think of this as the place to bump into other women and network between conference sessions. You will hear from our sponsors, and have the chance to learn about others participating in the Summit.

This private group will open up at least a week before the event, and you will be emailed instructions on how to join.

This is totally optional!

I represent a business and I want to use this as leadership training for my staff. What should I do?

First, decide how many employees you want to participate.

Second, register as a corporate event sponsor or watch party. Group registration offers a 50% discount in registration fee.

  • $250 – up to 10 registered participants
  • $500 – up to 20 registered participants
  • $1000 – up to 40 registered participants
  • $2500 – up to 100 registered participants

Third, register all of your participants by Monday August 24th using the online business registration form.

Finally, decide if your team will watch together or on their own. Have employees watch the IMPACT Summit video Friday or Monday, and then plan a follow up meeting to discuss and apply to your business. It is up to you if you’d like them to join the two live Q&A sessions with our speakers.

If planning a watch party, or a business sponsor, how do I send you the names of our registered participants?

Use this online form. You do not need to add all at once and can use the link to add names as you confirm participants.

What kind of technology is required to access the virtual summit?

The video link will be available on a private weblink, available to watch on any computer, smart phone or smart tv.

Live Q&A webinars will be hosted using Zoom. All registered for IMPACT summit will receive the link to join in advance.

Virtual watch parties may utilize whatever video meeting technology you are comfortable with, or take advantage of free video meeting space provided by sponsor 8x8

Using 8x8 is great option for virtual watch parties, as it does not require an account or signing up, and you can create a private link to share with your small group.

When will I receive the video link and links to the Q&A sessions?


Information on how to access the video and join the Q&A webinars will be shared with registered guests in advance.


What is weVENTURE?

weVENTURE is the leading regional voice and resource for female entrepreneurs and professional women.  Since 2007, weVENTURE has been providing low/no-cost business education, training, and coaching for clients in Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie counties. weVENTURE is a program of the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech, and funded in part by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Thank you to all our event sponsors and weVENTURE investors who help us match the $150,000 annual federal grant, and to all the volunteers who work with our clients. Together we are igniting the power of female entrepreneurs!

In 2018-2019 program year weVENTURE:

  • Served 623 unique clients
  • Helped 29 new businesses launch
  • Our clients generated $5,671,420.76 in gross revenue and created 31 jobs